I believe that building is a privilege and a responsibility, says Bob Dylewski. Since founding Bronco Construction, in 1981, he has worked in a way that lends weight to his words. Recognizing that custom homes entail major investments in resources, emotion, and effort, Bob strives for a building process that turns clients into friends, and choice materials into stunning homes that will provide comfort, pleasure, value and pride for multiple generations.

Bob's ability and integrity are reflected in the business he has cultivated purely by referral, the colleagues he has attracted and retained for years—even decades—and the widespread respect of his clients and peers.

Committed to building as well as can be done, Bob seeks to serve owners with similar aims. Whether working with lavish or plain materials, and on a grand or more intimate scale, Bob applies unwavering standards of craftsmanship and a set of best practices honed over decades.

Because we've done extensive remodeling as well as new construction, we see how different techniques and materials stand up over 50 or 100 years. At the same time, says Bob, we're constantly studying our field's latest advances. We draw on both streams of knowledge to deliver the most enduring, sustainable, efficient and earth-friendly structures we are able to build.

Bob has a special affinity for recycling age-mellowed materials—huge old beams, for example—and wood flooring of species and widths no longer available and a great knack for finding these treasures. I get jazzed when our clients want us to do something new with something old, and allow us to be creative. The excitement and pleasure are mutual.