Mary Ann and Bob Dylewski are among those rare couples who combine marriage and business with a minimum of friction and maximum of joy. "It helps that my husband is an exceptionally patient and peaceful person, and has only become more so over the years," Mary Ann says.

Although she may be too modest to say so, Mary Ann's careful and expert oversight of Bronco's finances also contribute to home and corporate harmony, not to mention Bronco's consistently high customer satisfaction.

Originally a respiratory therapist, Mary Ann has kept Bronco's books and managed its cash flow since 1988. As Office Manager, Mary Ann is keenly aware of the key role integrity plays in the company's operations. "We believe that the best way to serve our own long-term interests—and to help create the sort of world we want to live in—is to truly look after our customers' interests. That's the best use we can make of our skills, our opportunities, and the trust people place in us. I know that Bob and I share this belief, and I see everyone in this company working in this spirit."

"I'm glad that I've been able to combine parenting with the flexible career I have outside the home," Mary Ann says. "And it's a real pleasure to come to work with the people we're blessed to work with at Bronco."