When Jack Cecil made the decision to develop the last remaining parcel from the Biltmore Estate, he wanted it to be something special. His first step was to engage world-renowned architect James Cutler to design a sales center that would be a truly unique building. Incorporating the concepts of Frederick Law Olmstead, the original site planner of the Biltmore Estate, Cutler created a piece of furniture masquerading as a structure. Understanding that this creation would require a far more capable builder than usually associated with commercial construction, they brought in Bronco Construction to turn this complex design into reality.

Because the building is designed with multiple layers of exposed wood with a clear finish, the first order of business was to determine a method of protecting the wood from weather while still being able to work efficiently. The solution was to build the entire building under a tent. Assembling a structure with tolerances as precise as 1/16th of an inch required an extraordinary level of competence from the craftsmen working on the project. A significant amount of the structural work was actually done by a boat builder accustomed to dealing with many of the issues faced in the assembly process.

Although the Preview Center at the Ramble is not typical of the custom homes we build, it demonstrates Bronco’s ability to produce high quality, one-of-a-kind buildings of all styles and types.