These homeowners, wonderful people, engaged an architect and a decorator, defined the house they wanted, and then engaged us to build it. Typically, the owners are very involved in the building process, which we welcome. In this case, because the gentleman was so engaged in business, travel, and other activities, he said that he’d be pleased to just drop by occasionally and thank us for a good job, which he felt confident he would get.

That’s what happened, with a surprise ending. When we finished the house, the owners were like kids at Christmas. They had no idea it was going to be this nice. They wanted to be satisfied, and instead they were blown away. They suddenly realized that some truly interesting, accomplished and caring people had built their house – and that it would have been a pleasure to get to know us better. The details and phases that they felt safe to delegate would have included moments to treasure. In order to not miss out altogether – and because they are kind and generous people – they threw a great party to meet and thank us all, with barbecue and a bluegrass band..

At Bronco, we give owners our best effort whether they’re highly involved or less so, but it’s a richer experience for all concerned when the owners actively share in the building process. The quality of this process, and the relationships we build along the way, are part of the added value that Bronco delivers.